The OT with a Key

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment process

The first step of an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment process is a pre-drive assessment to evaluate your functional skills related to driving.

During the pre-drive assessment, we discuss your medical history and your concerns about driving.

We also conduct a range of standardised tests to assess your physical, sensory,  visual, cognitive and perceptual skills.

The second step is an Occupational Therapy On-Road Driving Assessment in an adapted vehicle with dual controls. If you require vehicle modifications while driving, the assessment is completed in an adapted vehicle.


The assessment is conducted with an Occupational Therapist with specialist post-graduate training in driving assessments, and a Driving Instructor  to provide instructions and ensure everyone’s safety.

Based on the assessment outcome, we provide tailored recommendations to support your safety and independence.

There are five possible outcomes of the assessment.

1) Recommendation to maintain an unconditional license 

This means that no safety concerns were noted during the assessment.

2) Recommendation for a conditional license

This means that there may be certain requirements to ensure your safety while driving, which may include conditions about the time of day and distances you are able to safely travel.

3) Recommendation for vehicle modifications

This means that there may be certain vehicle modifications including a modified steering wheel or a left footed accelerator pedal to allow you to continue driving safely and independently.

 4) Recommendation for lessons with a Driving Instructor 

This means that Driving lessons are recommended to support you with improving your ability to drive safely or familiarise yourself with vehicle modifications.

5) Recommendation to cease driving 

This outcome may unfortunately occur if there are concerns that you or the public may be at risk if you continue to drive.
In the event that that it’s not safe for you to continue driving, we will discuss the range of available alternatives to support you to maintain your independence.