The OT with a Key

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments
to support people to return to driving following an injury.

The OT With A Key specialises in comprehensive, evidenced based driving assessments as supported by the National Medical Standards for Assessing Fitness to Drive for people who have a medical condition or age related condition which may impact their ability to drive safely.

We endeavour to support people of all ages to return to driving after an injury, or continue driving for as long as it is safe to do so. 

We provide tailored recommendations to enable you to maintain your independence and freedom to participate in the activities that are meaningful to you.

Our Services

Pre-Drive Screening Assessment

On-Road Driving Assessment

Occupational Therapy Assessment Report

The decision that it’s safest for someone to stop driving often stems from the progression of medical conditions or ageing that affect people’s vision, physical abilities and cognition.

It’s our ethical responsibility to recommend that someone ceases driving to protect public safety if their medical condition causes them to be at risk while driving. If we recommend that it’s not safe for someone to continue driving, we will discuss the alternatives to support their autonomy and freedom.